Why Us

Flexible Mydata MY9e Pick & Place machine

  • High speed eight component pickup Hydra head & Midas single head.
  • Advanced Linescan vision system, for component inspection and centering.
  • Manual PCB load and PCB fiducial alignment.
  • Interrogate CAD and gerber data and program offline
  • Virtual Camera Programming Validation
  • Smallest device 01005 and 0402 is Standard .

Mydata Agilis Magazines

  • Reel or Cut-tape ,we only need 1″ of extra on cut-tape !!
  • Bar codes feeder and on part for error free management

Cost Effective Prototype Stencil

  • In house CO2 Laser Mylar Stencil for test run and special project
  • Regular 14″ framed Stencil whit many design on it ,on manual stencil printer
  • 21″ Stainless production Stencil from Stentec for volume on DEK 248 printer