At Alphatronique we take pride in providing the highest quality products to all of our customers.
In order to maintain our high performance and our high quality standards, we make sure the every aspect of an assembly is correct.
All steps of our production undergo meticulous inspection to IPC-A-610 by a member of our IPC trained inspection staff.


Visual Inspection

To enhance our automated inspection capabilities and allow us to inspect all aspects of the assemblies we produce, we use Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscope ,and  binocular microscope


Functional Test

Our R&D team have complete test lab ,including

‣  Oscilloscope  Tektronix 1Ghz Mixed Domain
‣ Spectrum Analyzers / Tracking Generator  R&S 3.5Ghz / Signal Hound 12Ghz
‣ Bench power supply CV 0-60V / CV 0-6A
‣ RF Signal Generator  Agilent 3.5G  / Giga-Tronics 20Ghz
‣ R&S RF Analyser / Generator  (Bluetooth / Cellular )
‣ HP  Noise Figure Meter
‣ Chroma Digital programmable Load
‣ Agilent 6-digit Benchtop Multimeters
‣ Hi-POT tester