We strive to give our customers the best service in the industry. No matter what the project may be, you can always count on our friendly certified staff to get the job done. At Alphatronique Electronics, we are able to provide our clients with fast production time at a low cost.

We understand that everyone of our customers has a special design need and we’re always willing to help them through the process. We are able to produce the single step in your design or take the project from the idea and bring it to a reality. It all depends on you and your needs. If your needs are a little more specific, then we’d be happy to discuss further and give you the best option for your project.

There is no job too big or too small for us. We have a sophisticated team with an array…..with your project. We also have field-tested reusable building block design… in inventory.

PCB And Schematics:

Alphatronique CID certified staff uses high end Zuken Cadstar and P-CAD 2006 software with the latest IPC-7351 libraries. We are also able to read and process data formats like CAD and programs such as Zuken, Protel, Ultiboard, Tango, P-Cad, Eagle, Integra, OrCAD, PADS.

PCB Fabrication:

We work with a highly respectable PCB FAB in Asia, which has offered us nothing but quality over the past couple of years. Since we have worked with them extensively, we are able to get discount prices for high quality PCB materials and offer you nothing but the best in the market.

PCB Assembly:

We have a complete Low to Mid volume SMTLine

  • lead-free (RoHS Compliant)  no-clean solder paste
  • Max Panel area is 18×18 inches
  • SMT down to 0402 ( may do 0201 and 01005 on case by case )
  • BGA, FPGA, CSP, LGA, QFN, fine pitch connectors, BGA SEAM connectors, etc.

We currently have:

  • Manual 14” framed stencil printer.
  • semi-auto 23” Vision assisted DEK stencil printer.
  • MyData MY9e pick & place Machine with 96 feeder capacity and 21K part/hour
  • Dima Breeze True Convection 8 Zone Reflow with Data Paq 2000 and reflow tracker for profile validation
  • Marantz Automatic Optical Inspection system (AOI)
  • Mini-waver solder Wave
  • Convection Hot air rework Station
  • We also exclusively run a Lead-free solder SAC305 for past/wire and a SN100 for wave
  • Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscope